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It is difficult for a company to overcome a non qualified candidate or even to recruit an executive in Montreal. There is a lot of pressure to find executives and managers who have the skills and experience to succeed, who are able to define and advance the company’s strategy and who simply fit into the culture of the organization. 

Whatever your leadership needs, our approach allows our clients to maximize their resources.

At Talinko, we try hard to understand  your strategic objectives, culture and technical requirements to ensure that we are attracting people with the right skills for your company.

This approach has nurtured our growth as an executive search firm in Montreal and has helped us attract more top executives for our clients than any other company.


Executive search process in Montreal

  • First discussion between your company and Talinko on the role of the ideal candidate for the position, salary and working conditions, the timing of the selection process and any issues that may arise.
  • Presentation of a proposal that will agree on the nature of the candidate to be found, the approach to be taken and the fees.
  • Talinko selects several candidates from various sources. An essential part of this process will be to assign the role to the candidate, in an honest and professional manner, so that the candidate is aware of the attractions of the opportunity. 
  • In the final stage of the selection process, your company will be closely involved in the interview process.
  • Once the job offer has been made and accepted, our firm will supervise the candidate’s transition to you. 

Roles of executives we have placed in Montreal

Executives – ActuarialExecutives – Business Administration

Executives – Administration, purchasing, inventory

Executives – Aeronautics

Frames – Agronomy

Executives – Communications

Executives – Accounting

Frames – Construction

Executives – Teaching

Executives – Finance

Executives – Management

Executives – Hotels and Restaurants

Executives – IT

Executives – Engineering

Executives – Project Management

Executives – Legal affairs

Frames – Manufacturer

Executives – Marketing

Executives – Human Resources

Executives – Health and Social Services

Executives – logistics and transportation

Executives – Public Works


We work with clients from the private, public and non-profit sectors. Talinko, a headhunter in Montreal, offers personalized service and a high level of collaboration.

You can fill out this form or contact us at this number 514 514-5144


Talent Acquisition


Why use an executive search firm in Montreal?

Montreal firms must attract and retain the best talent in order to optimize their performance and returns on investment. The challenge of finding the right executives to meet critical talent needs is met in the most effective way with Talinko’s support.

Save a lot of time

Save a lot of time

Our Montreal executive search firm can save you a considerable amount of time by letting you take advantage of our network of people. By using our network, we can confidently approach potential candidates who may not be actively looking for a career change but may still be interested in your offer.

Positive effect on the company's revenues and profitability

Positive effect on the company's revenues and profitability

When an organization is recruiting for a senior position that will have a positive impact on the company’s revenues and profitability, using executive recruiters can be very cost effective. An executive search firm, which will find an excellent candidate through a fast and efficient process, and will cover its cost several times over.

Expertise by sectors

Expertise by sectors

Our company will also be in a much better position to find the talent you are looking for. The use of an executive recruiter in Montreal is also very advantageous when a company wishes to recruit in a different sector, with skills that the recruiting company is less familiar with.

Having the right resources

Having the right resources

Internal recruitment functions are most effective for lower level positions or when the skills of the successful candidate are clear and easy to assess. However, this is not always the case for senior management positions. In particular, internal recruiters are often under pressure to find candidates for a variety of positions and will not have the time, or possibly the expertise and contacts, to do things well.

Not all small and medium-sized companies have an internal recruitment department with the resources to generate and select qualified candidates. 


Diversity and Multiculturalism

Diversity and Multiculturalism

Many employers focus their recruitment activities on platforms and channels that can provide candidates with similar backgrounds. Our Montreal-based executive search firm understands the importance of diversity within an organization.

15 April 2021 | Newsletter

Newsletter – TALINKO

TALINKO Market for

What is the TALINKO Market? It’s a smart and innovative tool that allows you to identify the best available talents to contribute to the success of your business.

TALINKO Market for

What is the TALINKO Market? It’s a smart and innovative tool that allows you to identify the best available positions for promoting your career development.