Lucie Pellerin

Lucie Pellerin

The founder

A member of the Quebec CPA Order, Lucie Pellerin has forged a distinguished career working with several companies. Following 3 years working in a large accounting firm, she spent 12 years rising through the ranks of a services company in a variety of strategic management positions. Her experience working for both public and private companies was most rewarding and exposed her to the complexities of corporate restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions.

Her career path led to a specialization in the recruitment business for more than 10 years, her insight and understanding of executive needs, her ability to identify candidate strengths and weaknesses, and her passion for providing quality service have contributed to ensuring one successful mandate after another. Lucie has collaborated on numerous recruitment projects to fill senior executive and other key positions in the human resources, accounting, finance, treasury, and taxation sectors, as well as other positions relating to the finance industry.

A growing passion

In 2016, Lucie Pellerin’s vision and desire for taking the recruitment process to the next level led to the founding of her own recruitment firm, TalinkoTM. She has subsequently been able to build a committed team dedicated to serving the needs of the firm’s clients, candidates, and other business partners.

Lucie Pellerin

Providing innovative solutions

In 2013, Lucie joined the Association of Quebec Women in Finance (AFFQ), pursuing her passion for innovation and best practices. She also participates in numerous conferences given by the Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada), a cross-sectoral professional association of senior financial executives, with 12 regional chapters across the country. In 2016, she served on the organizing committee of the FEI Canada Forum, which was held in Montreal.


An engaged businesswoman

Lucie has also been active in Oxfam-Québec, where she has been a member of the organization’s Board of Directors since 2015. She also served as Co-Director of the Membership and Member Services Committee of the Association of Quebec Women in Finance. Additionally, since 2017, she serves as a moderator for Cercles d’enrichissement de l’AFFQ, a 6-part series of intimate conferences focused on co-development and knowledge sharing, where she also presented a conference entitled “Dare to be ambitious”.

Since 2017, Lucie Pellerin has held a seat on the Honorary Committee of Prix Femmes de mérite, an event organized by the Women’s Y Foundation of Montreal. As a member of the Parity Committee of Women in Governance, she is also actively engaged in the advancement of women in leadership roles through the organization’s certification program, designed to assist companies in their advancement towards parity. Most recently, Lucie was appointed to a seat on AFFQ’s Board of Directors.


TALINKO Market for

What is the TALINKO Market? It’s a smart and innovative tool that allows you to identify the best available talents to contribute to the success of your business.

TALINKO Market for

What is the TALINKO Market? It’s a smart and innovative tool that allows you to identify the best available positions for promoting your career development.