At TalinkoTM, nothing is left to chance, hence the acronym that forms our values: P-R-E-C-I-S-E.



Passion is the origin of TALINKO, and the inspiration behind Lucie Pellerin’s founding of the company in 2016 and subsequent building of a committed team dedicated to the service of its clients and candidates. Our passion for people, businesses, and for our profession, as well as our desire to exceed expectations by providing a distinctive experience, all contribute to our meaningful approach.



Respect is one of our firm’s key values. We attach paramount importance to both the confidentiality of all collaborators, as well as using our pragmatic and sensitive approach to the specific needs and particularities of the companies and candidates we serve. By establishing relationships built on trust, we diligently represent the best interests of all of our collaborators.



Solid operational experience, combined with several years of collaborations in strategic recruitment, provides us with unparalleled expertise in advising our clients. Our commitment to embrace the inherent challenges of job and leadership requirements, coupled with our rigorous approach, ensures attraction and retention of the best talent.



We position ourselves as an extension of your management team, but also as career management advisors for our candidates.
We take an active role throughout the recruitment process and base our approach on a true desire to advise and commit to bringing you added value.



Our commitment to innovation lies in our desire to consistently offer the best services, in the most judicious way possible.
By constantly being on the lookout for new practices, daring to question some of them, and being attentive to the needs of our clients and candidates, we optimize the recruitment process to make it agile, efficient, and even more competitive. By being proactive and forerunner, and by adapting to market changes, we have laid the foundations for successful collaborations.



Our priority is to exceed your expectations by ensuring not only the achievement of expected results, but by providing unique and rewarding, one-of-a-kind experiences along the way.



Your success contributes to our success, and we look forward to crossing the finish line with you!


TALINKO Market for

What is the TALINKO Market? It’s a smart and innovative tool that allows you to identify the best available talents to contribute to the success of your business.

TALINKO Market for

What is the TALINKO Market? It’s a smart and innovative tool that allows you to identify the best available positions for promoting your career development.