Elaine Martineau

Elaine Martineau

Executive Director | Executive Search

With a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations and a specialized master’s degree in human productivity management, Elaine has 20 years of consulting experience, specializing in recruiting mid-level and senior executives as well as board members.

Generalist, she has a solid track record in carrying out mandates in the Public, Para public, Municipal, Education, Health, Private, as well as at the level of NPOs, and this, at the level of all the functions of a company.

Previously Director, executive recruitment at Raymond Chabot Human Resources (RCRH) for nearly 16 years, Elaine also worked in provincial politics for the Minister for Finance as well as the Minister of Education, responsible for the charter of the French language and the application of professional laws.

An expertise in executive search

Driven by a passion for recruitment, she puts her expertise at the service of a diverse clientele. The recruitment of executives, operational and relational efficiency is an integral part of her passions.

Elaine Martineau

A great diversified experience

Elaine works to develop relationships with her clients based on trust, transparent communication and a keen understanding of their business reality. She provides efficient and precise support throughout the process and is an excellent ambassador for these clients. She is also renowned for her commitment to performance and customer service.

Over the years, Elaine has developed skills in performance improvement, turning vision into action as well as change management. His skills are based on business strategy, operations management, planning, rigour, results-oriented behaviour as well as a very good knowledge of different types of environment.

Are you looking for a trusted partner for the recruitment of executives, managers and professionals? Élaine will be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss your organization’s challenges and strategies that can help you attract and retain the best talent. Do not hesitate to contact her at elaine.martineau@talinko.ca


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What is the TALINKO Market? It’s a smart and innovative tool that allows you to identify the best available talents to contribute to the success of your business.

TALINKO Market for

What is the TALINKO Market? It’s a smart and innovative tool that allows you to identify the best available positions for promoting your career development.